Sunday, June 27, 2010

Todays Topic is Pet control

Well. on my street there  is a family that owns a Rotweiller   and hes a big boy. They never have him tethered in the yard ( no fence)  and never use a leash but instead ride their bike and the dog runs behind  them around the neighborhood,.  I reported them before  but someone else must of today because  there were 2 Peace Officer cars there today, they leashed him  and talked to the owners  must of warned them or fined them  . but they did not remove the dog. He was and still is in their front yard untied. I guess if its on theri property nothing can be done, but he has before come into my yard,  and there are a lot of little children here that play outside etc and  a  lot of other dogs all  on leashes so they would be  targets for a huge Roteiller  who is able to run free,.  Scares the hell out of me.,  Im sure you all agree that the "leash law" should be obeyed  and that these people who  allow their pets that freedom are just reckless. I have since I have moved to Alberta heard of a few cases where little dogs out on leashes were mauled by  ( unleased dogs)  and also children seriously hurt by them. This  is a real sore subject with me.
Other than that its a  lovely hot day in Leduc with a chance of thunder showers later today
Hope your weekend was great   and that all the Dads had a duper day too

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Testing This Out

Hi, just a test to see i I have this blog thing figured out, Melissa has been coaching me LOL isnt she sweet?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome to My Coffee Chat

"Grab your coffee or your tea as it may be" & Join me in my first blog attempt.

This a a little space to chat and pretend we are sipping our favorite beverage as we discuss the problems of the universe & attempt to solve them ( sort of speak) lol Today I was reminded by Melissa of simple days of fun & innocence and as I listen to the latest stabbing at a High School here in Edmonton ( the 2cd in 1 week) I am brought back to the days when knives at school were almost unheard of, of kids allowed to be kids and enjoyed the experiences of growing up in a society that was not computer generated, where they skipped rope and played ball rather that sitting playing video games where their avatar is the only one getting exercise, & as I ponder this I feel fortunate to have rasied my children to be resposible parents who install these ideas up on their children and therfore get the most out of life. I would appreciate any feedback regarding ( the then & the now ,,,,, of how things were when ( You) were a child & how things in your opinion have changed.