Sunday, June 27, 2010

Todays Topic is Pet control

Well. on my street there  is a family that owns a Rotweiller   and hes a big boy. They never have him tethered in the yard ( no fence)  and never use a leash but instead ride their bike and the dog runs behind  them around the neighborhood,.  I reported them before  but someone else must of today because  there were 2 Peace Officer cars there today, they leashed him  and talked to the owners  must of warned them or fined them  . but they did not remove the dog. He was and still is in their front yard untied. I guess if its on theri property nothing can be done, but he has before come into my yard,  and there are a lot of little children here that play outside etc and  a  lot of other dogs all  on leashes so they would be  targets for a huge Roteiller  who is able to run free,.  Scares the hell out of me.,  Im sure you all agree that the "leash law" should be obeyed  and that these people who  allow their pets that freedom are just reckless. I have since I have moved to Alberta heard of a few cases where little dogs out on leashes were mauled by  ( unleased dogs)  and also children seriously hurt by them. This  is a real sore subject with me.
Other than that its a  lovely hot day in Leduc with a chance of thunder showers later today
Hope your weekend was great   and that all the Dads had a duper day too


  1. Do you realize you are posting from the future? I figured it out, your computer is set to the wrong!

    Yes, the leash law should be followed. No one can ever predict how a dog will react upon seeing another dog or small child. I've had a few scares talking my dog Oliver for a walk. On one occasion we were charged at by a pitbull. I picked Oliver up and we calmly walked away. Thankfully the dog got distracted by some kids whom he knew. I'd hate to think how that could have ended. Here is my dog on a leash and all of a sudden a large dog is at him, he would react poorly and then it would be on and my dog would lose.

    I don't think it's ever ok to have the dog off leash. If they have a fenced yard ok, but since they don't he needs to be tied up.

    I'd simply report it every time I saw it - maybe if they pay enough fines they'll get the picture.

  2. I agree dog owners need to be responsible pet owners and start abiding by the leash law. Last year there was a pitpul roaming around his yard unleashed and unteathered. Now the owner was there with him BUT she was in the back yard and it was 330 pm on a school day.The pitbul came out to great me and my two children. Thank God this dog was not in the mood to attack. He had however jumped up toward my son ( he must have been just checking things out) Now my son was a little startled. As I pushed my children out of the way and stood in front of the dog, the owner came by and called him into the yard with her. Now I know nobody was hurt but I had to say something. I told her that her dog should NOT be raoming around without a leash. The pet owner told me that he was a mild mannered dog and that she felt it was okay. That was when I politely reminded her the time of the day and how some people ( especially little people like my children) can easily be afraid when a dog his size etc jumps up to them and since school was out and lots of children walk by her house at this time she needs to keep him on a leash. I dont think she was happy to hear what I had to say but it needed to be said. To tell you the truth she was not the only one to allow their dogs to roam free. I saw it all the time. Maybe these dogs are harmelss...but it only takes once and the results could be horrible...even deadly. Then who is crying when their dog has to be put down.