Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Todays Topic

On the news today, there  IS   group or 2 of Americans who  want to boycott Alberta. stating that, this province is  a  mess due to our Oil Sands. To these nay sayers I say  ( boo) to you.  I am sure they  are not the voice of America & perhaps these same  so called wise ones should take  a swim in  the Gulf of Mexico,  and  how   about the team in the  States that is killing off birds that interfere with airplane flights  (  We   the Canadians in Alberta) understand  this action is necessary to safety of flights. so why can the nay sayers not understand that the birds that died in Ft McMurry  was not intentional,  and the fine was paid but as it stands, the reason the birds died, was due to devices  to control noise  and polution,,
As  a transplant to Alberta from hometown in Saskachewan  I must say that Alberta is     a beautifly  and safe province  and to  my American friends I say" Come see for yourself" & while you are at it   go also to visit the beautifly Saskachewan Prairies too.
On a lighter side  I  still am without my keyboard   and so if   there are typos here its becausw I dislike  typing o n my laptop LOL Have  a great day everyone.

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