Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome to My Coffee Chat

"Grab your coffee or your tea as it may be" & Join me in my first blog attempt.

This a a little space to chat and pretend we are sipping our favorite beverage as we discuss the problems of the universe & attempt to solve them ( sort of speak) lol Today I was reminded by Melissa of simple days of fun & innocence and as I listen to the latest stabbing at a High School here in Edmonton ( the 2cd in 1 week) I am brought back to the days when knives at school were almost unheard of, of kids allowed to be kids and enjoyed the experiences of growing up in a society that was not computer generated, where they skipped rope and played ball rather that sitting playing video games where their avatar is the only one getting exercise, & as I ponder this I feel fortunate to have rasied my children to be resposible parents who install these ideas up on their children and therfore get the most out of life. I would appreciate any feedback regarding ( the then & the now ,,,,, of how things were when ( You) were a child & how things in your opinion have changed.


  1. How true!! I remember being able to play outside in the yard alone or with my sisters and feel comforatble doing so. I remember walking to the store at 8 or 9 without anyone with me. These days more horrible things are happening in the world AND our media coverage of what is happening is so great that I do not feel comfortable allowing my children out without adult supervision. It is too bad because I know they have been held back some learning opportunities, however, I am fearful these learning opportunites come with too great a cost today. Today there is NO safe place that one can feel comfortable allowing there children alone...chidlren are stabbing children at school, children are being bullied at school and on the internet, s*&%t some children dont even seem to be safe with those who are supposed to keep them safe. Oh how I miss the simpler times.

  2. Amen to that! Now if you remember your childhood as simplistic, can you imagine 1951 I was 5, no such thing as TV. and life was easy. ( for a kid) the worst thing we could get into may be climbing a tree or falling off a bike, we were able to roam our neighborhood at will. Go buy Penny Candy or a good old Cherry Coke. sit on a swing and dream. Some of these we have passed on to our little ones but like Andrea said the world is not always a pretty place. we have to create our own little safe places now.

  3. Oh for the simple times..I know what Andrea is saying and maybe I'm a little too over protective but I won't let my grandson out of my sight for 5 min. I do remember going outside in the morning and being called in for lunch..then out again til supper to roam my world. As we only lived half a block from the creek we were told not to play there...I wonder if it ever occured to my mom that we always had frogs and jars with tadpools..hmm. Oh yes I loved my childhood and wished that it was a safer place to live today and my grandson could experience some of the wonderful experiences I had.